Carnival Scene Progress #2

Either way, I felt the lighting in general was off in terms of setting the tone and atmosphere of the scene. It didn't help either where textures were still looking basic and simply wrong in some cases. Thus, some reading of books and the net with informative guides helped me understand some basic key elements in lighting a scene, with 3 point lighting compromising of a key light and secondary lights to lift harsh shadows. I also turned off the default lighting and switched to mental ray renderer as well.

The image maybe a little dark, but here I have initially set 3 point lighting in place using directional lights, to establish the natural lighting of the scene, as well as the tone and atmosphere. Being at night with little moonlight, I sort of tried to imagine myself in the scene and what it would be like if all artificial lights were turned off. With this, I've also established an initial spot light for the main artificial light a top the foreground pole.

The addition of the coloured cable lights compromising of a lambert glow material and a few coloured spot lights, as well as some further refinements in textures with adjustments and bump mapping, really starts to set the scene becoming much closer to my desired look.

Its still not quite finished yet with the ground needing some attention, some objects needing some materials and of course background painting to complete the scene. But it has surely come quite some way from my initial lighting and texturing attempts.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Leo

Make sure you find a way to blend your background matte painting with your cg scene. You may have to use a little ground fog or control the colour to do so. Perhaps in post? Photoshop?

Looking forward to the finished image.

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