The Road

Went to see 'The Road' today, an incredible if grim experience into an apocalyptic world where humanity lies on the brink.

The plot essentially follows a father and son in their desperate struggle to survive in a world where humanity seems all but lost. In such a scenario, their relationship is heartfelt and touching which will definitely pull at the heartstrings. With some testing choices full of moral ambiguities, it leaves one in thought as to what is the right thing to do in such a situation, to be the 'good guys'. Ultimately, the two are thrust into scenarios and confronted with choices that no one should ever have to make, for a tension driven tale of survival.

In a desolate setting, the environments are actually quite stunning with a distinct tone and atmosphere of lost, ruin and abandonment that is consistent throughout. Not once was I left in doubt as to the believability of the world presented, bearing a grim realism in stark contrast to the bright and colourful environments of Avatar.

What I particularly liked from the film, was in its ability to avoid typical Hollywood moments and structure, but rather staying true to the story itself for an ultimately fresh and captivating appeal. Leaving moments hidden with a distinct sense of ambiguity, continues to have a much greater impact and effect on the audience, rather than to show or explain every explicit detail.

It was truly a touching movie to watch - one which will certainly stay with me for quite some time. While it may understandably not appeal to everyone with such a grim tone, I certainly recommend it to experience a well paced and executed plot, as well as capturing the essence of the bond between father and son.


Ruben Martins said...

I found the film quite intense, relating to the relationship between father and son. It was good to see the not only the kid learnt with the father but also, the father learnt something with the son. Also the landscapes look otherwordly, and is good to know that not everything is CG!

Sam Hayes said...

I saw this the other day. I wasn't looking forward to seeing it, as I know it would be brutal and the atmosphere would be depressing, but I think it is one of those films that you have to watch no matter how bad it makes you feel, similiar to Schindler's List.

The acting was brilliant, mainly because it wasn't cluttered and was the main focus of the film, rather than overdone action. I hadn't read the book, but the I thought the plot was unique, because of the simplicity. The CG was very subtle, which made it believable.

Leo Tsang said...

I agree, not the most upbeat of films but certainly a must-see film. Schindler's List and Downfall are other great examples. And yes I'm glad they didn't overpower the film was fancy cg visuals, but rather stayed true to the harsh reality of the world.

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