Sketchbook + Update

Looking through this blog, I've noticed a lack of everyday sketching which is something I feel I really need to do more of. Thus, this is something I'm setting out to do more regularly which will hopefully become a more frequent appearance on here. Here are mostly some random doodles, along with some experimentations using highlighter marker pens (had to adjust the contrast quite a bit to be visible) and some practice in thumbnails.

On a side note, I'm currently reading through Arthur Conan Doyle's original The Lost World which is an absolute joy at the moment. Noted some gems of descriptive imagery which I intend to explore further with some sketches soon enough. I also love the Penguin classic cover!


Simon (calamity) Holland said...

nice to see sketch book pages, more please.

Leo said...

Yep, more on the way after the tedious process of scanning

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