Indeed, I think we are so complex and fragmented as individuals constantly shifting and changing, that to capture all of this in in single portrait is simply unfathomable. To reflect this epiphany, I have explored some further techniques in photography (as to not limit myself to digital painting) experimenting with these compositions.

The lacking nature of a portrait can only lead us to obscurity as the composition in these pieces reflect this, being only able to see a small glimpse of my identity shrouded in darkness. While the lack of colour or any background environment further removes myself as the subject, focusing the piece and any aspect of my identity solely by my face alone.

Initial experimentation with a downward cast and subtle expression

Later, more refined experimentation with a more confrontational composition

The technique is perhaps a little simple, but I would argue effective in depicting the obscure nature of identity and the problems it implies on a self-portrait. At best, I think we can only capture instances of our identity that pertain to the truth of ones' own identity as a whole. With this in mind, I feel I can take this further to explore some further ideas.


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