Digital Painting Portrait

Experimenting with some further ideas, here I have I returned to the expressive quality of painted portraiture being inspired by artists such as Cian Mcloughlin and Frank Auerbach. This digital painting self portrait is a trial to capture the essence of my inner being with focus on emotions of despair. As such, I have tried to maintain the use of bold loose strokes to create an expressive quality focusing on capturing the essence rather than physical detail. The background contributes to a sense of distraught and abandon with notable lack of clothing to keep focus on the essence.

I believe I have achieved this to a certain extent and am pleased with the results. The piece is not only more personal to me, but it also seems to capture an aspect of my identity that is kept away and personal to myself, similar to the ideas of Yousuf Karsh lifting the mask that we hide within revealing our innermost selves.

I may continue to pursue this line of concept in further exploring the nature of my own identity and ways to illustrate it.


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tutorphil said...

Again - a strong portrait - BUT can you step further away from picturing the 'shell' of your face and go for something even more painterly? :-)

Leo said...

Thanks for your comments. Ah I see, I think I know what you mean. I'll post my thoughts..

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