Final Portrait

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With my previous attempts lacking, I decided to simplify things a little and focus on the one idea to push through. This final self portrait reveals a dramatic instance of my identity, a state of absolute despair (perhaps in trying to develop a substantial final portrait!), in an invigorating manner with a dynamic layering of painterly strokes. Such a choice of emotion not only becomes more fitting in the expressive chaotic nature, but is also highly personal and revealing of my own part of identity.

Final Portrait

While I am very pleased with the outcome feeling that it greatly captures the essence of myself, progressing far from my previous digital paintings in achieving an expressive painterly feel; I cannot help but feel I am missing a creative leap if you will. I've attempted to do much more on a conceptual level but just could not achieve a standard where I could be satisfied on the execution. Perhaps I'm just being too critical of myself and is just me thinking all too hard.

Nevertheless, here is my final portrait in portraying a dramatic instance of my identity, that I hope you'll all enjoy. Your feedback and thoughts are most welcome.


Sprite said...

Looks great Leo, really really great. Love the colour and power to it, just seems to jump out at you and capture the mood perfectly :)

Leo said...

Thanks a lot Jordan :) Your portrait was awesome too in capturing the perfect tone of a convincing death autopsy - just waiting for you to post it up so I can comment more :P

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