Pixar's Up

Saw Pixar’s Up today, a film following Mr Fredricksen and his adventure to fulfil a lifelong dream.

The film may begin with a sad touch, but develops into a fantastic tale that is thoroughly enjoyable with a dynamic set of interesting characters that you cannot help but fall in love with. The plot being fun and quirky, works surprisingly well that really gives a sense of depth to the characters as you understand each of their goals and motivations, later engaging with each other for a mixture of emotional highs and lows. I watched this in 3D which I don't think is essential, but really gave a nice touch to the animation as a whole with an improved sense of depth and sharper details.

There was also a new Pixar short before the film, with a wonderful little animation with the clouds creating new life. Its these little touches that really make Pixar that little bit special.

Watching this, it made me think of what actually makes comedy or something funny? To create humour in an animation is quite a task when I think of it, and something that we easily take for granted.

Overall, Pixar's Up is a fantastic film full of life and character that I declare a must-see animation film!


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