Toy Story in 3D

Saw Toy Story in 3D today!

What better way to relax than to rekindle some childhood moments with Pixar's Toy Story in 3D. For those outside the know, Pixar are re-releasing Toy Story 1 & 2 with in 3D building up to their epic release of Toy Story 3 out sometime next year.

The film is as fantastic as ever with Woody and Buzz on the big screen. It just goes to show a good story executed well can really stand the test of time. The use of 3D isn't your typical red and blue shades experience, but rather used in a more subtle way with in-depth rounded characters and a great sense of depth of field. I guess not much 3D was to be seen in Andy's house, but outside with the petrol station scene, garden attack on Sid and later RC Car chase were definitely the highlights.

Overall, the use of 3D wasn't mind blowing but the enhanced visuals alone will definitely bring a smile on your face. I heartily recommend it especially if you loved the original!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see both films back to back as they will be released separately in the UK.


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