Developing Final Portrait

With several different approaches to my self portraits following the idea of portraiture being limited in portraying one's whole identity, it has been difficult for me to narrow down a precise direction to undertake.

Where the previous digital painting is aesthetically pleasing capturing a dramatic instance of my identity, the later photographic manipulations prove significant on a conceptual level with several combined instances collectively portraying aspects of my identity. Thus, I tried to combine the two to progress onwards to form a complete final piece. Combining these two ideas has resulted undesirably with neither outcomes feeling decisive enough to fully deliver.

I experimented in layering several instances of myself that collective portray a greater whole of my identity, similar to my previous photographic layering of colour, yet this time with the aesthetic quality of a digital painting. Perhaps intriguing in their own right, I'm just not satisfied in the way each were developing to take them further. It seems a little too contrived and unimaginative in its execution which just leads me to feel a bit downhearted in thought.

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