Facial Symmetry

Seeing faces everyday all around us, one cannot help but begin to marvel at uniqueness of it all. Not one two faces are ever alike (discounting twins). The thought occurred to me how no face is ever symmetrical and well I started to play around with the idea in my mind. With a straight on photo of myself, I mirrored both the left and right side of my head with some stitching to form a ‘new’ me, resulting in some rather hilarious and more probably disturbing results.

Presented in triplet form, each face is completely different from each other as if there were three different people – a chimera of sorts, despite the fact they are composites solely of me. In a way, your face is your identity. The mask you wear for all to see and to carry yourself through life’s hardships. It is completely unique and exclusive to you. To be taken apart and re-stitched together to create a new identity is a rather intriguing concept I thought to test out.

Additionally with ideals of beauty, facial symmetry was believed to reflect physical attractiveness. So in this case, well let’s just say I don’t perpetuate this notion.

Overall, yes it’s weird and I wouldn’t look at it for too long. It was an experiment I wanted to try out playing with notions of identity and photo manipulation. I’m not sure if I’ll continue to pursue this line of thought or move on to explore further possibilities.

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