Life Drawing #4

Fourth life drawing session today, this time with some most welcome variety to keep things fresh. We now included more of the space around the model with some tricky easels thrown into the mix, as well as committing to faster studies for more dynamism. The first piece focuses on capturing negative space to define the form, an intriguing method that can help train one to draw what they see. It was pretty new to me and proved a challenge.

Afterwords, creating timed studies of around 7-15 minutes in any preference with the focus on more dynamism rather than acute detail. Some bearing several pieces on one page.

I feel fairly satisfied with the results, some fairing better than others. The interaction of the model with the surrounding space proved challenging at times in maintaining a sense of proportion with overlapping elements. Where some areas such as the feet are very obscured adding to the complexity of the piece as a whole, particularly with the last piece where I am unable to define any sense of two distinct legs and feet.


Jordan Buckner said...

Hey leo, hows the work going? By any chance do you have the pdf of "Face: The New Photographic Medium." I swear I had it on my memory stick but apparently not, if you do could you send it to me as I need it for a reference in my essay...Cheers

Leo Tsang said...

Hey dude, just refining my essay with the new info given to us yesterday. Did you mean 'Face: The New Photographic Portrait' by William Ewing? Tis the only pdf I have with the similar name. I'll send it over to your hotmail as it may inspire.

Jordan Buckner said...

Yea that's perfect, thanks Leo. Just refining to and this will come in great for one of my points, thank you so much :)

Leo Tsang said...

Glad to be of assistance :)

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