Life Drawing #5

More life drawing focusing on the effective use of tone to define the form with a lesser emphasis on line. It was an intriguing process that really slows one down so as to study the form in greater depth, to draw what you see and not what you know.

The position I was in made it difficult to capture the entire form on the page, as I was positioned very close to the model it distorted some parts such as the legs and feet, with little room to stand back to view in its entirety. Yes, its probably just excuses as one must overcome such problems when they arise.

Initial warm-up piece with three 10 minute studies on a focused section.

Focused piece with tone emphasis, 30 minutes. An example were I couldn't get the entire figure on the page perhaps due to my positioning and different approach in tonal study.

Second focused piece with tone emphasis, 40 minutes. Initially, I failed to capture the entire form in this piece so I moved on and started anew losing about 10 minutes or so. A little unfinished, a similar arm position that thwarts me (see previous drawing in week 1) and perhaps a small head...

Final drawings of the day, 5 minutes on a focused section.

Overall, its wasn't all bad as I am pleased with some of the techniques I approached each piece with, and of course life drawing is always great learning experience given the right mind set!


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