Happy Portrait

I have had second thoughts uploading this portrait as I’ve come to gnawing realisation.

This portrait follows the similar premise of capturing a moment of expression that reflects an aspect of our identity. Here I have chosen to reflect a moment of absolute joy and happiness, where one briefly forgets ones troubles. Such a portrait was a nice change of pace from previous ‘sad’ portraits I have done over time.

Although I am pleased with the results, in hindsight, I feel I need to push my concepts further in order to fully realise a solid idea to its potential. It pains me to say it, but a tone of familiarity appears to be settling in that I think I must step back from in order to take this concept further or grasp a firmer concept.

As such, I feel the need to re-evaluate my ideas in search for something substantial that will spark my inspiration.


godwino said...

looks great leo! you can see its you but i doesn't look that much like you but thats how it is tho, its harder to draw yourself then others i have the same problem! but over all its awsome!

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