Effects of Portraiture

Following Dorian Gray, the idea of a portrait reflecting one’s inner soul or essence made me contemplate about my own individualism and how I would want to convey such a thing. It also made me aware of the idea of how a portrait can hold a power over oneself, which is particularly apparent in Dorian Gray as his own portrait led him to a state of obsession where he could not escape his inner demons.

I believe a similar effect occurred with the subject of Myra Hindley, where this portrait seemingly outgrew her manifesting into what some call the ‘Face of Evil’. It held such power in that no one could perceive her to be any otherwise than the one single portrait, forever confining her fate.

Marcus Harvey's portrait using the technique of children’s handprints to form the same portrait did not fare any better only stirring further uproar and controversy to the point of vandalism.

As such, in these respects a portrait held a far greater power and influence over the subject individual that was universally believed to reflect their very nature and identity. A case where portraiture outgrew the individual and dominated their life, thus highlighting the strength and effect a portrait can have.


tutorphil said...

Check out the latest Harvey portrait - I won't go into details here, but take a look at what the 'pixels' of this image are made from...


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