John Stezaker

Some most interesting photography Phil suggested to look at is the work of John Stezaker. His work combines photographs of some iconic Hollywood stars to form some great uncanny portraits. Combining both males and females together for a dramatic juxtaposition, it also begins to question the aspect of identity with the aura of glamorous film stars being portrayed in a traditional photographic manner.

Stezaker's portraits reminded me of my earlier facial symmetry portrait. Where I blended both halves of myself seamlessly, it created a disturbing effect as we can only recognise a single individual, and while the transition is obvious between both photographs in Stezaker's work, it makes for an effective juxtaposition as one is able to determine two individuals for a less unnerving portrait.

While I am fond of Stezaker's work, I don't want to just replicate his concept and so I will think of other techniques if I am to continue this idea.

You can find more of John Stezaker's work here.


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