While working on a piece, I stumbled upon this rather dramatic composition that I thought worth saving - a happy accident if you will.

Similar to my previous obscure self-portraits, this piece captures an expressive moment in deliberate clarity. The lack of background once more provides an effective means in creating a dramatic composition that serves well for a gripping portrait. A sense of isolation also creeps in adding to a peculiar sense of depth to the piece as a whole. Where the previous lack of colour helped perpetuate a further sense of obscurity, the returning colour seems to ground the piece in reality for a dramatic effect.

In its entirety, I believe this portrait captures a precise instance of my own identity that becomes particularly expressive in a dramatic manner - something which I may come back to.


tutorphil said...

Tomorrow at 3pm in Lecture Theatre 1, Tracy Ashmore is doing a second session on structuring arguments for academic writing and creative research; it will last an hour, giving you a bit of a breather before the life-drawing class; sorry for the short notice, but it was only confirmed at the end of last week. If you could assist me in getting word out to your classmates, I'd be very grateful. Cheers!

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