Waking Life

Watched Waking Life today having picked it up from the library.

Waking Life is a very deep film exploring the inner depths and the philosophy of our very existence. It will leave you in mind boggling awe not just about the movie, but life itself - in a good way that can only help expand yourself as an individual and open your mind.

The plot follows the experience of the central character as he talks to a variety of people who deliver their pearls of wisdom in a creative and engaging way, which is further enhanced by the shifts in art and animation style. Being quirky and unpredictable, it will keep you in your seats curious to know of the next individuals unique take of life.

Its not all talk as you will marvel at the art and animation alone that provide a wonderful visual interpretation of events, as well as the pleasing soundtrack that fits perfectly with the film as whole. I loved the opening in particular which definitely sets the tone for the rest of the film.

It is definitely a peculiar experience, but one well worth taking.


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