Frank Auerbach

Returning to the expressive quality of painted portraiture, the artist Frank Auerbach is particularly expressive with his strong, bold strokes. Each piece bears a definite abstract quality that serve to only further emphasise their presence. Being able to see and almost touch the texture provides a further sense of depth as one is perhaps able to gain a glimpse in the creation of the piece as the artist worked vividly with the infinite workability of paint.

As such, Auerbach's portraiture captures the essence and identity of his subjects on a spiritual level rather than a physical one. It is as almost as if we are meant to look past the physical appearance of the individual, and instead delve into the inner soul.


tutorphil said...

These portraits are stunning - thanks for posting; so rich and textural: I particularly like the middle one - somehow very 'Dorian'!

Leo Tsang said...

I agree! I find Auerbach's portrait paintings very captivating. I found these images in the book 'Frank Auerbach Paintings and Drawings 1954 - 2001', which I picked up from the library. There's many more paintings just as wonderful in there it was hard to choose!

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