Alter Ego

While perhaps not so significant to portraiture, the book 'Alter Ego: Avatars and their Creators' provided an intriguing insight into the idea of identity in virtual worlds. Players obtain the freedom to recreate their identity into almost anything they want. Where some drastically changed themselves from gender or even into a different species, others only tried to recreate themselves.

It make me think if posed with the chance to redefine yourself and your identity, what would you change? Or not change anything at all?

On a side note, the cover had a great little colour lenticular which transitions between two images.

Additionally, I stumbled upon a page where the photographer of the book, Robbie Cooper, talks about the issues raised in creating an alternate avatar identity. Its about 30 mins providing an interesting insight into the world of virtual avatars. You can find it here.

If you found this interesting, more info can be found here. The book is also available at the library which I picked up it up from.


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