Life Drawing #2

Second life drawing session today - a pleasure as always. It can be quite therapeutic when you really get into it. My small gripe is the length at which we spend on each drawing, a whole hour on a single drawing is a little too much leading to overworking the piece, especially when limited to use of straight lines only.

Only two pieces in this session. I think I prefer the first as I really had to preserve with the piece until things started to settle in place. Legs in particular I find some trouble with as they often seem a little on the wide side as in the second piece, something which I hope to improve upon.


Bluejetdude said...

I agree Leo. I think that if you get into it you just get so focused on it. But then you finish and have half hour left. you don't won't to ruin it by going over it again but you have to do something

Leo said...

Yeah overworking a piece can be pretty bad and it usually shows. Think maybe next time just get some more paper and start a new drawing rather than hang on the same one.

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