Caspar David Friedrich + J M W Turner

Lately, I'm finding a lot of inspiration from traditional painters and their landscape paintings. Not only are they greatly inspiring, but there is fantastic quality about them in terms of composition and texture that is wonderful. Indeed a lot can be learned from them! Here are some fine examples from Caspar David Friedrich and J M W Turner (thanks to Phil and Simon for pointing them out!)

Caspar David Friedrich

These pieces work well in the use of foreground to background objects creating a defining sense of depth within each piece.

Joseph Mallord William Turner

The use of light is a prominent feature of Turner's work, making for some visually invigorating landscapes that are stunning.

Overall, I find these works of both Friedrich and Turner greatly inspiring (not forgetting John Martin). Indeed, there is a lot that can be learned from them! For me, the success in these images lie in the core composition leading your eye around the piece, with colour, light and texture adding a final touch of finesse. Hopefully, something I can achieve in my own concepts!

You can find more of Caspar David Friedrich's work here
You can find more of JMW Turner's work here


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