Short & Sweet #3

Another Short & Sweet session yesterday, this time with the most welcome company of Farideh and Jade. So check out what they have to say when they blog it soon enough!

Hmm some deep, thoughtful and depressing films tonight by entirely chosen by the whim of the wonderful host Julia. Not the best introduction of films I was hoping for especially being Farideh and Jade's first time! Though there were one or two gems tonight that are fun and loving, and of course worth posting for you all to see.

Marina & The Diamonds - Mowgli's Road by Chris Sweeney
A fun, creative music video

So different and creative from generic pop music videos - simply wonderful. An image of how they made it:

You can find there blog at

Standup by Joseph Pierce
Rotoscope animation. Short Clip.

Starts off straight forward enough, but ends with a rather peculiar and foreboding tone. I'm afraid I could only find a short clip.

Eat Dog Cat Mouse - Kwok Fung Lam
CG animation short

Cute and funny, love the quirky animation and how the story progresses. Will bring a smile to your face!

Not the best range of films this week, though still good fun.

Short & Sweet


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