Forest Concept #2

Returned to work on my previous forest concept and take it further. Earlier, I noticed a little lack of secondary focal points to play on as tutor Phil also suggested. Thus, I felt the the composition suited the addition of a dinosaur or another sort of creature to work with, which would further emphasise the sense of scale and space within the piece.


Started to block in the silhouette of a Allosaurus dinosaur - one of many species encountered in the Lost World.

Played with the scale for a more larger than life theatrical composition

Some added details and refinements to the general composition

I am pleased with the direction the piece has taken so far, feeling it has the potential to go all the way as a final piece. Its working much better with the addition of an Allosaurus dinosaur working as another focal point to the piece where it was previously lacking, perhaps even a little sense of drama too. Will continue to work on it soon enough, with refinements, lighting and hopefully colour. Thoughts and feedback most appreciated.

Some references I used for the Allosaurus.


tutorphil said...

my inner eight-year old is entirely satisfied, Leo! :-) This composition works perfectly - and upping the scale of the dinosaur really propels it into 'cinema-land' - I'm loving the misty/translucent/humid quality of this image too. Bravo!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Phil, glad your convinced with the theatrical sense of the image as its something I've been trying to achieve. I've just refined the piece more and finally added some colour, so am keen to know what people think :)

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