Plateau Concept #3

Moving on, I renewed my attempt to capture the plateau of the Lost World returning to one of my previous experimentations to work with.

Began with the base image of a previous piece I was trying to work with

Trying to refine the piece as it stands

I decided the change the piece almost completely, removing the foreground elements which I felt unnecessary for this image.

Playing with scale, adding distant plateau formations of the Lost World in the distance. From here, I liked the new direction of the piece and decided to take it all the way.



Final tweaks

I'm quite satisfied with the piece and eventual turnout, being sort of impressionistic in detail. It presents the entrance to the Lost World with an eerie theatrical sense of scale. This will most likely be my second final piece for submission, so any thoughts and feedback are still welcome though I doubt I there will be any time for drastic changes.


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