Thumbnail Concepts

Been trying my hand at some more thumbnail sketches to get ideas down for my concepts - using pen, pencil and some alcohol based markers. They may be a bit messy but it helps in visualising ideas quickly to be able to work with.

These focus mainly on a forest scene that have been untouched by man following the idea with overhanging vines, wild overgrowth and huge trees with elaborate roots. There are one or two thumbnails concerning a scene where the hero Malone climbs atop a tree to gaze across the landscape of the plateau, or Maple White Land as the characters decide to name it.

I will be referring to these for some later digital painting concepts, experimenting and refining the look, feel and composition.


tutorphil said...

Evening Leo - just a quick browse, and I'm really liking these thumbnails - so much energy and vigor - very satisying and very exciting!

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Phil, glad you like them :)

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