Digital Painting Workshop + Concept

With some thumbnails ready for use, I used my time in the digital painting workshop to take these further. I began each piece in black and white to put the complications of colour aside and to focus quickly on composition to identify if the piece itself will work. This piece follows my thumbnails of a forest overgrowth dominated by huge scale trees and drooping vines, where the light is limited being cast into pockets with gaps among the tree tops.

Initial blocking of shapes

More shapes, details, refine composition

Begin to add colour

More colour + contrast, lighting

At this stage, I felt one could not really feel the sense of scale, so I later included some human figures to reflect this.

Overall, I was happy with the composition enough to take it further and experiment with the use of colour and lighting. I consider it more of another concept thumbnail that a finished piece. The use of more figures, plants or wildlife could be better put to use to further communicate the sense of scale of the environment, while refining the piece as a whole.


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