End of Unit #2

With Unit 2 coming to a close, I thought I wrap things up with a quick post.

After seeing the scope of everyone's projects, its encouraging and great to see people improving and the progression they have made throughout the project. Although, I do feel we all still have a long way to go to achieve the best we can in our projects. In comparison to the previous project, there was surely a lot to keep on top on with 3 final pieces, 2 essays and a mighty task on Maya. I managed to cope, though things could have easily gone astray if I wasn't looking, and I suspect things will only get tougher, so best get used to it.

Overall, I am pleased with my progress and results in this project where I would have liked to have tried some more concepts and approaches in this unit before it came to an end. Nevertheless, I am ready and eager for the next project to take on!


tutorphil said...

Also – take a look at the following project blog – a collaboration between 2 third years, Pol Winandy and Jon Stewart; they’re creating an action-packed animated short; their attention to detail is formidable and they’re also working through all the inevitable tensions/complications that come with group working. It’s been a long, intense experience for them both, and, with five weeks to go, they’re moving into an even more pressurised phase. The environment stage is in the offing – so follow their progress and get a real insight into the minutiae of CG and story-telling; meet the future!


tutorphil said...

Me again!

Phil Hosking has just set up a blog - it's early days, but go say hello...


Unknown said...

Hi Leo.
Just dropping by to say hello.

I'm Keith from the second year.

If you need anything just drop me a post.


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