Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Today was the first time I've seen Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands, a tale truly whimsical in its plot and narrative that will leave you tearful in one eye.

An inventor's unfinished creation, Edward is left with only an assortment of scissors for hands to live alone in a dark gloomy mansion. He is eventually taken under the wing of an American suburban family, living in a very stylised 50's neighbourhood. Its wonderful to see Edward's reactions to the strange on-goings of the neighbourhood especially with his quirky attempts and fascination with everyday actions, while being just as heartbreaking to witness his downfall.

The contrast of two very elaborate yet different settings is quite phenomenal, with a dark gothic mansion looming over a humorous and colourful, suburban neighbourhood. Seeing Edward in such an environment is particularly intriguing as we are constantly reminded of the place where he unfortunately does not, and can not belong.

Interestingly, the mansion garden is filled with Edward's wonderful creations, and yet he originates from the harsh cold environment from which he was born, further emphasising his disparity of the outside world.

Overall, I really enjoyed the film and certainly recommend it. It was truly quite beautiful with an imaginative cast and plot, complete with moments of whimsical humour, and of course the ultimate tragedy Edward's predicament and what can never be. This film really does pull at the heart strings!


Jackie said...

Leo, you are a hard man if it only made you tearful in one eye!! Both my eyes were seriously affected....

Leo Tsang said...

Oh it definitely is a tearful tale, and one worthy at that, no doubt! I don't usually tear up when watching movies, but I assure you I definitely felt this one.

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