Sketchbook #2 + Quick Concepts

Some more pages from sketchbook doodling with sketches from life of random people during Short & Sweet, in my car with time to spare with boredom.. and some knight-ish armour thrown into the mix.


Here are some sketches made inspired by my source material of the Lost World, playing with dinosaurs and some thumbnailing of more scenes found whilst reading the book.

The actual 'Lost World' were the prehistoric wildlife are present, is actually located on some form of plateau set above the main Amazonian forest and swamps. Half the challenge was in scaling such a formidable plateau, finally with Professor Challenger figuring to use a tree as a bridge. I will get designing and refining some more thumbnails in due time as I am still enjoying the last few chapters of the book - whilst juggling just about everything else!


Unknown said...

hey Leo great start always good to see your drawing!

Simon Holland 74 said...

Hi Leo,

Wow... nice to see some sketch book stuff, glad to see you are out and about drawing in public.... its a good habit to have.

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