Resource Images #2

Some more resource images of the plateau where the Lost World resides. It is described to be formed materials of basalt and rather treacherous to climb, perhaps formed from the meeting of tectonic plates with residue of volcanic substances. Thus, I have the idea that it should be very remote almost cut-off from the outside world as pre-historic life has existed unnoticed by man.


Ruben Martins said...

the last picture os just amazing, i would love to go to that place up in scotland.... one day ...:)

Simon Holland 74 said...

Hey there Leo,

The concept artists were actually taken to Venezuela to research the tepuis (plateaus that tower over the rainforest)check out

for concept art and pice that the team took.

Leo Tsang said...

Wow thanks for info Simon, theres some really lovely art work in the link. Just did a search of the Venezuela tepuis plateau too, showing some great resource images that will no doubt prove inspiring :)

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