Street Scene Complete

Street scene finally complete with UV mapping. It was certainly a long project to work with, but I learned loads feeling more confident in how to approach some models with a basic understanding of UV mapping. Hopefully, I will be able to use these skills in my own projects. As Alan said, it is actually quite tricky to position objects in an natural state without looking too contrived, so I hope my scene looks natural enough. Scene rendered with Mental Ray.

Final Scene

Occlusion Pass

When I first rendered this scene, the Air Condition object towards the back of the scene suffered a graphical glitch. I'm not too sure as to why as I checked the settings which were fine. I wonder if its just the distance and positioning of the camera? Moving the object across to different positions yielded similar results so I took it out in the end.

Well, I'm pretty pleased having made the scene from start to finish (minus the mailbox and air conditioner). Big thanks to Alan for all the video tutorials and I look forward to the next projects to learn with in Maya.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Leo

Way to go! Everything looks in order. Excellent. Nice camera angle too.

So, onto the next project...I'm looking forward to seeing how you apply this and concept art to your own work. I'm assuming its going to be something CG amazing - right?

Thanks for the compliment on the tutorials ;)

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Alan, yes the next project will be interesting as we now have to combine the two in harmony. Though maya is still pretty new to me so I hope I can apply everything I've learnt!

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