Life Drawing #6

Life Drawing time! After an initial three 10 minute focused studies, the main focus was combining the two approaches of negative space and tonal value. Switching back and fourth from the two techniques, the process slows one down considerably to really study and capture the form with greater detail and proportion. Where I think my tonal approach has improved, I don't think I quite captured negative space in quite the same way as my fellow students, for better or for worse.

Initial focused studies. 10 minutes.

Tonal value and negative space approach. 45 minutes.

Final quick 5 minutes sketches for the day

Quick sketches are always fun but challenging at the same time!


tutorphil said...

Hi Leo - below is a link to a third year blog - James Garner - who is currently working on an adaptation of an HP Lovecraft short story... check it out and spread the link around amongst your classmates - it will make interesting viewing in light of your current project...

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