Short & Sweet #4

Fourth session of Short & Sweet in a row and I'm still loving it, went with Jade and Farideh. Short & Sweet will be taking a little break over the Christmas holiday, with the last this year being on 7th of December before starting again until the beginning of February. Quite the hiatus!

Today's majority of films were a strange mixture of humour and sex with some very dark undertones. Its definitely a mix ride of experiences; you'll laugh at some witty humour, only to fall silent in respect of what actually just occurred. I suppose you could call it dark comedy, with some pretty serious undertones.

Unfortunately, its been notoriously difficult to find any of the films on the web, perhaps Jade and Farideh will have better luck. Here is one example of the dark humour I previously suggested - 'Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye', literally.

Spider by Nash Edgerton

Just found a small teaser of one of the short films shown below. There's more to it in the whole film, ending with a dark tone as previously mentioned. Although, this clip makes light heart of the film entirely. Scenes of a sexual nature - you have been warned!

Careful Carl by Roderick Fenske

Well, I guess thats the beauty of Short & Sweet, introducing a diverse variety of creative short films that one has never heard or even thought of. Watching these clips alone will probably not carry the same impact as shown at Short & Sweet, its not quite the same without the great atmosphere.

I don't think I'll be able to go next week in light of it being the final week of the project, though will definitely try for the week after.


tutorphil said...

Spider - loved it - it had a palpable sense of building dread from the get-go... that'll teach him for playing silly buggers... :-) Reminded me, of course, of that shock moment from the original Final Destination, when the girl walks out into the road.... and BANG! Audiences everywhere throw their popcorn in the air...

Simon Holland 74 said...

Spider had me roaring.... I don't whether that says something about the film or me. I think it was the paramedics face at the end that sealed the deal.

Leo Tsang said...

Yup Spider was definitely one of the better ones shown last week, the ending is hilarious and I think necessary to settle people's initial discomfort after the first uh incident :)

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