The Lost World (1912) Book

So I've finished reading the entire book of The Lost World to understand and grasp a much fuller concept on what I am dealing with. The original novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is fantastic, I loved it throughout with engaging characters, great pacing with the narrative of Malone and the wonderful descriptive imagery that no doubt has got me even more invigorated and inspired. Its a good read if you've got some time to spare. I've also kept tabs on pages of note, which I will try to accompany the corresponding text to the concept in mind.

Intriguingly, the focus is not predominantly just on prehistoric dinosaurs, but more of the environment itself with natives and ape-like men described as 'the missing link' who also dwell on the plateau. Thus, this could be intriguing to subtly indicate the presence of man on the plateau in one form or another. At the moment, I have the idea to create a number of concepts of the outset of the plateau, a shot within the plateau and perhaps a shot with more dynamic composition with action. Time will tell with some thumbnailing and concepts which I will thoroughly engage in.


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