More Concepts

Some more thumbnails taken further into photoshop, working to experiment and try out various compositions. Again using only black and white to work quickly and focus on composition, so as not to be distracted of the complications of colour at this stage.

Blocking in shapes

Refinement, included stegosaurus

Reworked scale, lighting. Included figure.

This above shot is intended to be a little more dynamic, with our hero Malone spotting a stegosaurus in the central Lake Gladys. I tweaked the scene slightly to position Malone in a more confrontational position for a more dramatic flair. Juxtaposing the figure and stegosaurus helps communicate the sense of scale when compared to their surroundings. The scene itself is a night with only the moon casting a glow of light across the lake, though in hindsight I should have made this more apparent with a visible moon, less 'glow' and darker surroundings.

Initial shapes of composition


Tweak composition, added details

Further details + refinements

More attempts to capture the nature of the plateau of Maple White Land, treacherous to climb and only accessible from a make shift bridge out of a tree. Some rays of light and natural formation of the plateau lead the eye to and from the central focus point of the two plateau faces and the foreground figure (the characters are armed with rifles in case you were wondering). I'll probably try some more shots of the outset of the plateau in recent light of further resources.

Overall, the pieces help clarify some ideas of scenes and shots I've had in mind, while generally finding out what is working or not. They may continue to serve as experimentations, or return to rework these if need be.


Simon Holland 74 said...

Hey there Leo,

stirling work so far, It would be interesting to see these stages by stages put into a sequence with some music etc... from thumbnail to finished image... that should add a nice flourish to your presentation ... much better than a bit of powerpoint

tutorphil said...

It's a dinosaur!!! Actually, the b/w gives these preliminary paint-ups a real retro/nostalgic quality.

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks Simon, that does sound interesting. Will keep it in mind, and may give it a go if I have the time.

Having read the novel, I actually got the impression that the story was focused more about the environment itself rather than the prehistoric dinosaurs. Though, I would like to include some form of dinosaur in one of my concepts not only for fun, but to also capture that quality of the Lost World that made it so renown.

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