Concept + Digitial Painting Workshop

Was working on this piece in the workshop on Friday, trying to refine my earlier thumbnail concept of the scene where Malone is atop a tree to take in the breadth of the landscape. Was sort of struggling with this piece to capture a better sense of composition. So Phil came in to help with some more success.

My initial attempt

Phil's added help

The scene takes place during the evening, so I began to experiment with some colour before all was lost.

Overall, I was feeling kinda dejected with the progress of this piece as it wasn't quite working for me. I find nothing worse when trying to force yourself to work with a piece when one is not quite with it, so I ended it here to move on. In time, with some fresh eyes and clear of mind, I may return to give this composition another go. But for now, it remains as another experimentation to learn and move on from.


anewman said...

This is incredible, I mean what will be in the end. I take off my hat to you !

tutorphil said...

Evening Leo,

You are being very strict with yourself - which, of course, is good, but don't overlook your own strengths and successes; these developmental studies boast some very evocative effects...

Leo Tsang said...

Ah I guess I was being a little hard on myself. Thanks Alex and Phil, I always found it interesting when working on a piece you end up not liking, others surprisingly do, making for some enlightening points that you may have previously missed.

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