Forest Concept

Moving on and working with some different concepts, here is something better I came up with in the workshop. Following my earlier thumbnail concepts, this piece captures the forest of Maple White Land where the prehistoric life resides. Having been untouched by man, I wanted create a sense of wild overgrowth with huge looming trees with trunks similar to the stranger fig tree. Worked in black and white to really nail down tonal values and I felt the use of contrast and lighting would be key in this piece.

Basic shapes and composition

Refinement + details

Further adjustments, details

Contrast and added details

I quite like how the image is turning out in terms of composition and creating a sense of depth and space within the piece. Looking at the piece now, perhaps its missing another focal point to play on. Well its still a work in progress, I will most likely return to this piece to take it all the way with further details and colour, perhaps as a final piece. Thanks to Phil for some pointers in this piece.

Any thoughts and feedback would be most welcome.


tutorphil said...

I think you're absolutely right about the 'second focal point' - my imagination keeps super-imposing the misty silhouette of a dinosaur in the background of the vignette on the left... a distant roar, the breaking of twigs...

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