Plateau Concept #2

Had another go at portraying the plateau entrance of the Lost World, where the heroes use a make shift bridge from a tree to ascend the plateau. I tried a more dramatic composition with this one.

Beginning shapes

Refinements + details

More details colour adjustments, tried blocking in the addition of pterodactyls to break up the composition


I'm not quite sure about this piece, think I lost it somewhere along the way in what initially had some potential. At the moment, I don't think the piece is working in giving the correct and theatrical sense of space, where the pterodactyls seem too obvious for my liking. Gonna take a break from this and see what else I can come up with. Let me know any thoughts or constructive feedback to be had, and if the piece can still be saved.


tutorphil said...

the dino-bird 'freezes' this image - and makes it seem 'stopped'...


A clarification; Alan WON"T be looking at students' Maya work until Monday of next week, which means you have the weekend to complete your various exercises. I know Alan has spoken with the class about this already - so I'm just confirming it from an assessment point of view. I'll do my best to post this message on everyone's blog, but if you could spread the word, I'd be grateful. Cheers!

Simon Holland 74 said...

Good morning Leo,

I think that one major issue is scale, the forest below with the lake and the plateaus are fine until you add the tree which them makes the background seem like a pond and some shrubbery, the brain percieves the tree to be a certain size and adjusts the scale of everything else to suit. The gap would probably be around 40 to 60 feet for a regular tree to bridge......

If you pull the camera back, extend the plateaus landscape etc, give the tree a root ball with soil and the crater its falling would have left, have some teency people crossing the bridge, move the pteradactyl so it appears to be flying higher than the trees. that might help.

Simon Holland 74 said...

Not sure if this will work but it is a quick overpaint, if all We getb is a load of HTML I'll post it on my blog

Simon Holland 74 said...

to my blog then

Baja said...

Hey Leo, just wanted to ask you a quick question about Maya.

I am trying to bevel the window frame from the Street Project but when I follow the video tutorial exactly the same way as Alan and the bevel is not coming out the same way as Alan's bevel. Since you have done quite a lot on the Street Project I am hoping you can advice me on how to?... There is a post on my blog that shows what kind of problem I am having. If you could visit my blog and have a look for a better understanding.

Thanks dude

Leo Tsang said...

Thanks for feedback guys, I tried your advice Simon and will post my results in a sec.

Hmm the only problem I had when bevelling was that some edges would not bevel after a series of extrudes. To fix the problem in this state, pull some edges about and see if the whole object is intact and merge any rogue vertices or edges. I eventually found out the problem was keep faces together, so to stop this happening in future, make sure 'Keep Faces Together' option is on under the edit mesh menu as this should keep the object intact and ready for bevelling.
Hope I could help.

Baja said...

Hey Leo, thanks for the help. Emily helped me out with the bevelling today and the problem situated at the edges being separated. Merging them solved the problem. Thanks again ^^

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