Swamp Concept

For my third concept, I returned to the scene of the swamp being one of the locations our heroes first encounter into the Lost World.

Blocking shapes

More shapes/composition

Creating more atmosphere with an oppressive mist

Refinements + details

Trying to include focal points with a torch to play with some lighting effects in the misty atmosphere, though isn't quite working at this stage.

Changed into two figures and boat for better sense of scale, with an additional supersaurus to haunt the background for theatrical tension.

Final tweaks

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the results in communicating a theatrical sense of space and depth with an oppressive swampy fog in contrast to the lighting of the torch, with an supersaurus dinosaur adding to the sense of narrative tension to the piece. Thus, it will most likely become my third concept piece for submission. Any feedback is still welcome for anything I missed.


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